Scared Stiff

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Have you ever been so scared you couldn’t move? If so, we would say you were scared stiff! Take the goats below as an example of being scared stiff!   Happy Halloween, Everyone!

Halloween 101

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Welcome to Halloween in the states! It is a pretty unique holiday filled with spooky festivities, costumes, candy and more. So how should you prepare for such a day? Here are some tips! Costumes A good costume is key for Halloween. Your costume can be anything, really. It’s a great opportunity to get creative and crazy. […]

Teacher Feature: Sam Maurer

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Name and Place of Origin: My name is Sam Maurer.  I have been teaching at the IIC since July, 2014.  In my family I have my parents and my two older brothers.  I grew up in Santa Rosa, California.  Santa Rosa is a medium sized city one hour north of San Francisco.  Santa Rosa is […]

Wear your heart on your sleeve

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Ah, what a classic idiom. If someone says to you: “you wear your heart on your sleeve” it means you freely express your true emotions.  Generally wearing your heart on your sleeve is associated with making oneself transparent and vulnerable. It is a poetic idiom that’s been used for hundreds of years amongst English speakers. […]

Fleet Week is here!

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’tis that time of year again…for Fleet Week! This is your opportunity to see US Navy Ships parade in the bay and jet planes rip through the sky in perfect coordination. I always find the Air Show (specifically the Blue Angels) to be my favorite part of the weekend. I encourage you all to get out […]

Beat Around the Bush

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This is a cute little idiom. The phrase “to beat around the bush” is used when someone is not speaking directly about an issue. He or she is avoiding the main topic. For example… Lucy: The party sounds fun buuut I might have to clean my house or paint my nails or make apple pie […]