Crossword Puzzling?

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Solve the crossword puzzle to uncover the secret word!   See if you can figure out the San Francisco attraction by completing the crossword puzzle (all about IIC!) and unscrambling the 9 letters that spell it out (boxed in red). The first student to solve the puzzle gets a prize! (See Sera in the Bush building) […]

Tilden Regional Park

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A few weeks ago, IIC students, along with staff, spent the day hiking in Tilden Regional Park located in the Berkeley Hills, one of the district’s oldest parks. They enjoyed the trails and the lake, where they paused to relax and play frisbee! This beautiful park has something for everyone. Visitors can ride a carousel, […]

Student Spotlight: Lotfi

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Name and place of origin: Lotfi from Algiers, Algeria   Why do you want to learn English? Good question. Why? For my job, because I have a degree in hospitality and business. I also want to learn English for myself to meet new people of different countries. I primarily am here, learning English because this […]