About IIC

The Intercultural Institute of California (IIC) is an English language school in the heart of San Francisco. We currently have two locations in downtown San Francisco, close to many shops and restaurants. Our school welcomes international students from around the world and thrives on diversity. Our English language school is an affordable alternative to more expensive language schools in San Francisco. We also offer a flexible schedule. Students can choose between a 2-day schedule or a 4-day schedule. 

The IIC is also a not-for-profit institute. In addition to ESL classes, IIC offers international and domestic students the opportunity to learn the Korean Language and earn a Masters degree in Korean Studies. IIC is proud to be accredited by CEA and upholds its standards of excellence in English Language teaching and administration. CEA is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a national accrediting agency specializing in the accreditation of English Language programs.

Why study at IIC?

-Quality education at an affordable price
-Professional and creative teaching staff
-Strong student community
-Located in the heart of San Francisco

Mission Statement

The Intercultural Institute of California (IIC) is a non-profit institution incorporated with the mission of “providing post-secondary students with affordable, quality non-degree extension study programs through establishment of formal curricula and regular faculty.” More specifically, these educational programs are designed to fulfill our students’ varied learning needs, and to empower them with the necessary skills to understand and communicate with people from different cultures.