I had a wonderful time at this school, and an unforgettable moments! I felt that improving my English skills was very natural and adaptive! I learnt not only from books or homework, but from the experiences of teachers. Teachers who were very friendly, and did their best efforts to teach beyond curriculum. All staff members were very friendly too, and provided us with the best advice all the time! I also loved the location, which was close to everything from restaurants, convenience stores to public transportation. Also, parking spaces were free most of the time and within a reasonable distant! I had a great time socializing with all students and staff members doing many Potluck which I loved! and many field trips as well! I really miss all of that! Overall, I would highly recommend this school for my friends here or even if they were to come from my country!

-Moodi, Jordan

My name is Maria. I am studying at the IIC for two and a half years. Overall I have excellent impression of this school. From the first day I realized that the people who work here are experienced, organized, understanding and very friendly. They are always ready to lend a hand when you need help and they are always ready to give advice when you need it. With their help, every extracurricular event was perfectly organized and very interesting. After completing all levels of General English I want to note that each level was very well planned. Teachers provide the material in accordance with the language proficiency level of students and always listened to the students’ proposals for the structure of the lesson. For this I am increasingly grateful to this school. Having studied here quite a long time I have significantly improved my knowledge of English grammar, I have learned how to use the acquired vocabulary and met wonderful people. Considering all this if you are looking for a language school you can stop searching. Since you wont find a school better than IIC!

-Maria O, Russia

“This school is great because there are a lot of experienced teachers here, and their classes are so interesting. They pick up very fresh news every day and explain what happens in SF very nicely, so you can enjoy natural, living English and some interesting culture simultaneously. Also, our school has a lot of activities such as hiking, Halloween etc. We can gain a lot of experiences . ”

“I love to study at IIC because I love the people in this school. I have spent almost 9 months here and I highly recommend the school! All the teachers I had were very professional, friendly and paid attention to whatever I had to ask. I have also met students from all over the world. The location of the school is also great because it is close to main public transportation lines in San Francisco, which is an amazing and gorgeous city! All I can pull out of this experience is positive: I have improved a lot .”

-Elena, Russia

“My name is Filipe Minho and I have been studying at Intercultural Institute of California for over a year, and I can truly say that it is the best, most reliable and inexpensive  ESL school in the Bay Area. The teachers are incredibly well prepared and are the best of the city. The admin will always be there to help you with a warm smile and patience. The alumni are great and very friendly. Whatever your goal is as a student here in the Bay Area, IIC is your best choice to achieve it!

-Filipe, Brazil