Sports Day 2016

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Kicking off the spring season, IIC hosted its annual Sports Day on March 16th.  Students and staff participated in volleyball, soccer, and egg and spoon races and chowed down on delicious goodies with a potluck picnic.  The winning teams were awarded chocolate bunny medals! key words and phrases annual:  something that happens once a year […]

Tilden Regional Park

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A few weeks ago, IIC students, along with staff, spent the day hiking in Tilden Regional Park located in the Berkeley Hills, one of the district’s oldest parks. They enjoyed the trails and the lake, where they paused to relax and play frisbee! This beautiful park has something for everyone. Visitors can ride a carousel, […]

Interview with Diana Mogilnaya – first prize winner of IIC’s photography contest

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How long have you been taking photos? I got my first digital camera one year ago on my birthday. It turned out to be a significant present for me. I was so excited to have it, so I took it to the streets and started taking pictures of everything that surrounded me: people, trees, houses, […]