Teacher Feature: Kristi

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Name and place of origin: I’m Kristi! Originally I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. A cold, dark place with little to no industry. :P What do you enjoy about teaching ESL? I love teaching ESL because it’s SO diverse. I am surrounded by very intelligent and fascinating people and I get to talk to and […]

The world’s most popular languages

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Did you know there are 7,102 known languages used today?! Ever wondered what language is the most spoken in the world? If you thought English, you thought wrong! However, English is the most popular language being learned in the world. Check out this link to learn more!

Don’t miss our next event

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Interview with Diana Mogilnaya – first prize winner of IIC’s photography contest

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How long have you been taking photos? I got my first digital camera one year ago on my birthday. It turned out to be a significant present for me. I was so excited to have it, so I took it to the streets and started taking pictures of everything that surrounded me: people, trees, houses, […]

History of IIC

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The Intercultural Institute of California (IIC) emerged out of the Korean Center, Inc.’s efforts to provide English as a Second Language classes to Korean immigrants who came after the 1968 Johnson Immigration Act relaxed quotas for immigration from Asia. The Korean Center is a cultural and community-service center that was incorporated in 1973 with a […]