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How long have you been taking photos?
I got my first digital camera one year ago on my birthday. It turned out to be a significant present for me. I was so excited to have it, so I took it to the streets and started taking pictures of everything that surrounded me: people, trees, houses, puddles…I was practicing switching  different modes, in order to understand what the camera can do.


What initially interested you about photography? What does photography mean to you?

Memories. Photography is a unique way of showing us our reality, our past. Just think about it. It freezes the moment that already gone forever. We are getting older, but photo stays the same. 


What inspires you to take photos?
People, nature and San Francisco. Pretty much everything. When I see and touch old photos of different epoques, different moments it makes me think and it immerses me in there. For me photos are a little miracle.


What do you think makes a good picture? 

I think, my good mood and also curiosity. You need to be interested in the object.


Do you use a digital camera?

Yes, I have a couple of them with different set of lenses. It depends on what I’m shooting.


What would you say is more important- good knowledge or good equipment?
Both are necessary, but the most important thing is to have a good eye. You have to know what you want to show, and how to show it. It turned out to be the most difficult and exciting part. I’m learning and practicing.


What do you want to do with your photography?
It’s my hobby and medicine. It puts me in a good mood and helps me to relax and enjoy small pleasant things. I would call it photo-therapy. So, I do photos for myself and it doesn’t really matter weather I’m good at it or not. I just like to do, what I’m doing.


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