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ESL in San Francisco has been taking a nap since January of this year. During this dormant period, we’ve dreamt up some sweet dreams and are ready to bring this blog back. We will be posting fun new vocabulary, idioms, etymology and other ESL related topics. Additionally, this blog will feature San Francisco cultural happenings that we think are worth looking into.

IIC Students: This is a space for you too! You will have the opportunity to share a bit about yourselves through our STUDENT SPOTLIGHT posts. These posts are interviews held with different IIC students who are interested in sharing a bit about their native countries and experiences living in SF as an ESL student. Are you interested in being interviewed? If so, let us know!

We hope you like what’s coming your way. Feel free to contact us with any comments you may have about this blog. We want to make this a fun space for you all and would love your input!