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Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a day dedicated to gratitude. Everyone celebrates the holiday a bit differently however one thing that remains quite consistent amongst American families is the classic Thanksgiving meal. While most families have their own variations of these dishes, I wanted to highlight some of the delicious foods you might come across on Thursday.


The star of the show! The turkey is carefully rubbed and stuffed then set to cook in the oven for hours before it is ready to be eaten. It is estimated that about 46 million turkeys are eaten in the USA on Thanksgiving day.

Mashed Potatoes 

Boiled potatoes mashed up to perfection. Best accompanied by gravy made from turkey juices.


A lovely bread made with cornmeal. It tends to be on the sweeter side so it really compliments the more savory items on the Thanksgiving menu.


Cranberries are hard, bitter berries that are cooked with sugar and other ingredients into a thick, tart sauce. The cranberries add a beautiful burst of color to the table.


Classic stuffing contains celery, onions, and bread. It is typically cooked inside the turkey but again, everyone prepares it a bit differently.

Sweet Potatoes 

They are so wonderful! This sweet, hardy starch is generally baked in the form of a casserole on Thanksgiving.

Green Beans

Something green must be included in this mostly beige colored meal! The green beans are a side dish served up either sauteed or, again, in casserole form.

Pecan Pie

Corn syrup’s best look by far. Pecan pie is a mega treat. Please, please have a slice if you can!

We hope whatever you do for the holiday, you are surrounded by good people and enjoying something delicious. Happy Thanksgiving from IIC!