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Have you seen a lot of pastel colors and special candy in stores recently?  That’s because it’s Easter season!  Easter is celebrated in the United States as a religious and cultural holiday.  In Christianity it is the day Jesus Christ was resurrected from the dead.  It might have started with Paganism, with the origin of it coming from words such as Eostur and Eastar and the Pagan goddess Eostre.  Eggs are a very common symbol that is used around this time of year.  For many cultures it represents new life and rebirth.


People usually celebrate Easter religiously in the United States by attending Sunday Mass at church and then having a special dinner with their families.  Some children receive baskets of candy from their parents. (although for the children they were delivered by the Easter Bunny!)  Eggs are dyed and painted in bright spring colors.

speckled eggs

A popular activity for Easter is the egg hunt.  Usually held for children, adults fill plastic eggs with candy and chocolate and hide them inside or outside.  The children will look, or “hunt” for the eggs and put them in their own baskets.  Easter is an exciting time for adults and children, as it often means that winter has ended and a season full of renewal has started.


key words and phrases

pastel:  a soft and delicate color

resurrected:  to come back from the dead

origin: the start of something

Sunday Mass:  a church service that happens on a Sunday

Easter Bunny:  a popular symbol of Easter, often shown in the form of a rabbit that delivers eggs, candy, and toys to good children

renewal:  resuming an activity after an interruption

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