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The Bay Area is home to many beautiful hiking areas, and springtime is a great time to think about where you want to explore outdoors.  Here are my top 5 hiking spots:

1.  Tilden Regional Park


If you’re in the Berkeley area be sure to check out this treasured park.  With over 2,000 acres, it offers something for everyone.  If you aren’t in the mood for a hike, you can take a stroll around Lake Anza or say hello to cows, goats, and other animals at the Little Farm.

2. Redwood Regional Park

redwood regional park

Want to see redwood trees but don’t have the time to drive up North?  You can see some right in the Oakland Hills!  Redwood Regional Park has 150 foot coast redwoods and about 40 miles of trails for hiking, jogging, and horseback riding.

3. Land’s End

land's end

Located in San Francisco, Land’s End has many trails that go around the coast and offers beautiful glimpses of the Golden Gate Bridge.  It is also home to the Sutro Baths, ruins from a swimming pool that burnt down in 1967.

4. Muir Woods


You’ll need a car to easily get to Muir Woods, but it is worth the effort!  With 240 acres of old growth redwood trees, it is one of the last remaining forests of such trees in the San Francisco Bay Area.

5.  Mount Diablo State Park

mt diablo2
photo taken by Tory Snyder

Mount Diablo was once considered the point of creation according to some Native American mythologies and is still thought to be a very sacred place.  You will need a car to get to this park, and if you choose to climb up by foot it will take you about 7-8 hours.  But it offers breathtaking views of the Bay Area and has a lot of interesting history (you can also drive to the top to enjoy the sights).


key words and phrases

treasured:  something that is valued a lot

acres:  a common measure of area in the United States

stroll:  to walk for enjoyment

ruins:  a destroyed building

mythologies:  a collection of stories, traditions, or beliefs associated with a particular group

sacred:  holy

breathtaking:  wonderful or awesome

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