Everything you need to know before applying.

1. Complete the application and read the ESL STUDENT HANDBOOK.

2. Submit Additional Documents by fax (415-359-9033) or email attachment (PDF file or scan) to [email protected] .

3. Pay application fee by credit/debit card or check. You may either phone credit card information to 415-359-9099 or email it to [email protected] . Please complete this form with your card information.

Include the name on the card, type of card (Visa, Mastercard), the number, and the expiration date.


Initial Students From Abroad:

Once we receive your application with all the necessary documents and the application fee payment, we can create your I-20 and acceptance letter. Any initial students from abroad will have to pay a $90 international shipping fee for those two documents to be mailed to them. Otherwise, you can have friends or family collect them from us.

Transfer Students:

The IIC only accepts students with an “active” SEVIS record. Please apply to the IIC and transfer your SEVIS record within your grace period. Transfer students are required to start studying at the next available start date after their record is transferred. IIC will create a new I-20 for the transfer student during his/her first week of study.

If you are interested in transferring, please complete this pre-admissions questionnaire and come to our Bush street location to meet with our Academic Coordinator.



  • Copy of Passport
  • Official Bank Letter
  • $110 Application Fee
  • High school diploma, or equivalent, or higher diploma *
  • Certificate of Sponsorship (only if sponsorship is needed)

* If high school diploma, or equivalent, is unavailable the student must take an ability-to-benefit test at an additional cost.

Please note: If you submit a document in any language other than English, you must include a full English translation certified by a translator.


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