IIC Students are responsible for finding their own housing arrangements in San 20150325_105305~2~2Francisco.

Here are some of your options:

Residence Clubs

Residence Clubs are very popular with international students because they are safe and moderately priced. Residence Clubs offer breakfast and dinner most days of the week, but it’s best if you contact them directly to find out specific information. Here are a few recommended Residence Clubs:

Vantaggio Suites (3 locations in San Francisco)
835 Turk Street, Tel: 415-922-0111
580 O’Farrell, Tel: 415-885-0111
761 Post Street, Tel: 415-614-2400

1570 Sutter Street, Tel: 415-776-5815

1870 Sacramento, Tel: 415-474-6200


Apartments are for students that are staying for more than 3 months. Typically, apartments for rent in San Francisco are unfurnished (no furniture, but includes refrigerator and stove), unless you are moving in with roommates. Roommates may be a great opportunity to practice your English and enjoy the experience of living with people from different cultures. IIC recommends using Craigslist to look for apartments.